Key insights into DG’s digital transformation


Leah Samy

Head of IT & Business Change


Leah recently shared her experience of DG’s digital transformation with Salesforce and some leading Industry figures at a round table focussed on digital transformation


Here are some of the key insights Leah brought to the group:

Just over a year ago, DG made a decision to rebuild our core operating system. We took this decision, not lightly, but because we knew that in order to keep up with the ever changing landscape we had to do something and do it really well. The office was full of paper files, rate cards were saved on shared drives and the lack of visibility made it difficult to really have a full 360 view of the business.


The system of choice

After reviewing several platforms, Salesforce was the clear front runner for what we were looking to achieve namely due to the scalability, flexibility and visibility it brings. By using Sales and Service Cloud, our sales team soon were seamlessly able to manage their leads and prospects, managing activity and onboarding all in one place.


Building the future

The next step on our digital journey was to find a partner to assist us in building the transport management piece that would really set us apart from our competitors, Neurored were the perfect fit! Being native to Salesforce was an essential requirement for us as we wanted to avoid multiple external systems needing to connect. The Neurored platform is native and entirely flexible, we have been able to develop and mould our system to suit our business rather than bend our business to fit an off the shelf solution.



As a business we are now able to efficiently generate a standardised quote and send it to the customer, create a booking and generate a shipment. The shipment is then tracked in real-time via our control tower. Once the vessel arrives at the port we can book our final mile haulage and track it to the destination, invoice the customer and then really drill down in to some insightful analytics. All of the functionality provides us with huge amounts of data that can be analysed and provides great detail for all areas of the business. We are able to monitor shipping line and haulier performance, customer spend and various other streams, all from the same platform.



The goal was not just to completely overhaul our internal system and processes, but to also offer our customers access to their data and the ability to self-serve in a secure environment. Horizon communities enable our customers to track their shipments including the final mile delivery, download their invoices and statements, book their haulage deliveries and have access to meaningful analytics. Watch our video for more information on Horizon


The journey so far has not been all “plain sailing”, but it’s definitely been worth it.

As we continue to listen to our employees and customers, and action the feedback, we are building a roadmap for the future and the future looks very bright for us all!