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International Freight Forwarding – Canada to UK

As one of the UKs leading international freight forwarders, we have developed our Canada to UK import and export solutions to include ocean freight, airfreight, rail and road freight forwarding.

Whether its ocean or air freight or a combination, we are well placed to advise and quote on the most suitable method(s) to export and import your goods from Canada to the UK.

Canada is over 3,600 miles away from the UK, therefore when it comes to working with a freight forwarder you’ll want a trustworthy, reliable and experienced company which understands the country.

Commercial flights run daily, sailings are weekly, and at DG International we act quickly and efficiently to secure the best options for your business.

Get flexible, competitive rates and fast delivery times on FCL and LCL (ocean freight) options when shipping to Canada, while we manage customs clearance to ensure the smooth transit of goods.

After that your consignment arrives in Canada via any of the major ports, our Canadian partners will work to ensure the transition from customs clearance to final delivery, is a smooth one.

Services to Canada Include

• Ocean freight options available
• Air freight options including direct flight (24hr option)
• Road freight options available
• Rail freight options available
• 48-hour economy services at competitive rates
FCL & LCL solutions
• Daily full and part load trailers
• In-house customs clearance (AEO accreditation)
• Arrange any associated documentation including marine insurance
• Final mile delivery for imports
• End-to-end management possible (also known as door-to-door)

Customs Information in Canada

We handle international customs facilities and relationships to make managing the process as simple and as fast as possible. If you require customs information we recommend you contact us to see how we can help.

Pay Any Duty Taxes

The majority of goods and items imported from Canada into the United Kingdom will be subject to full customs charge. Customs duty, is also known as import duty, customs tariff, import tax, or import tariff and is a charge commonly levied by Canada’s customs authority on select exports.

Anti-dumping procedures may apply to some specific Canadian-made items, and are therefore the subject of extra tariffs from authorities, so make sure to double-check. We would recommend, if you are unsure about the duties and taxes required for payment that you contact us.

Shipping Insurance

We handle international marine insurance policies and relationships to make sure the shipping process is seamless.

Please enquire for more information about how we can help.

Major Ports in Canada

Canada has several major ports which are all critical to its ocean freight, air freight and road freight supply chains, and the below list are the largest major ports in Canada acting as significant gateways for exports and imports from the Canadian market. Canada borders the USA which is the countries major destination for all things shipping.

Port of Vancouver
Port of Montreal
Port of Prince Rupert
Port of Halifax
Port of St. John
Port of Nanaimo


To support our Canadian freight options, we offer complete visibility of cargo, a VAT goods calculator and sales support through our Horizon platform.

Canada Shipping Rates 2021 – Quotes

We offer bespoke pricing and contract rates depending on your consignment’s volume, regularity and business needs.

Our experienced team will work with you to understand your specific needs and offer you a service personalised to your business.

For a personalised import or export quotation for delivery to Canada, please get in touch.

Call us today: 0800 3277 535 or email:

Special Requirements

Finally, if your goods have special requirements, e.g. pharmaceuticals, temperature-controlled goods or perishables, hazardous, please contact our experienced team, or contact us.

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