A Centralised Database of Shipping Documents

Thanks to Horizon, you never have to worry about document storage again. All of your current and historical shipping documentation is stored securely and indefinitely on the platform.

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No More Siloed Data

Say goodbye to siloed data. Horizon’s document storage functionality means you can finally have all of your documents stored in one place. If that wasn’t enough, we will also bulk email all relevant documents to people of interest every time a shipment is made. Here’s just a selection of the documents we store for you:

  • Commercial documents
  • Invoices
  • Duty & VAT invoices
  • Copy of Customs Entry
  • House Bill

We’ve Got Your Audits Covered

Whether you need all of your documents for a routine audit or just one, Horizon has you covered. Download as many or as few documents as you wish, safe in the knowledge they will always be on hand in the future, should you need them.

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Advanced Search Makes Finding Documents Easy

Can’t find the document you’re looking for? Use Horizon’s advanced search functionality to find it in seconds. Or use search features to bulk download files matching your criteria. No more sifting through document titles, download them all at once.

Stored Securely Using the Most Advanced Methods

The Horizon platform uses some of the internet’s most advanced technology to securely store your documentation. That includes Secure Socket Layer technology, server authentication and data encryption.

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