How to approach digital transformation

A common error when approaching digital transformation is overlooking the need for operational change. Equally, making changes to operational processes without providing complementary technology can also be a problem. Therefore it is so important that the business goals are clearly defined and align with the technology being developed. If your plan is to revamp your operational processes and combine cutting edge technology, then you are on the right track!

Here at DG, we quickly recognised the need to do both. Having more than 10 years’ experience in the logistics industry meant that we had a wealth of knowledge in-house which we could capitalise on. Starting with the “as is”, we began to look at our current processes and search for gaps in efficiencies and productivity.

We had a clear plan on where we wanted to be but needed the technology to support the operations. To do this, we sought the help of Neurored, a cutting edge, forward thinking company which specialises in transport and logistics, providing an end-to-end solution built on one platform.

Improving supply chain performance isn’t just about purchasing an off-the-shelf package. Truly going digital is a collaborative endeavour which involves changing the way all links of the chain share information, considering risks and opportunities, making informed smart decisions and executing them.

A digital supply chain should be:

Connected –A central eco-system connecting all links of the supply chain.

Secure – Ensuring that only the right people see the right data for the right amount of time.

Efficient – An end-to-end solution, keeping all data in one place.  

Intelligent – Boosting the competitive edge with AI, advanced analytics and reporting to predict outcomes, optimise and automate business operations.

We know our customer expectations are evolving and we are listening. At DG, our vision is to continue to implement processes and changes that use cutting edge technology to drive operational excellence!


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