Introducing Our Horizon Platform

Since our inception in 2009, we have rapidly grown our staff, offices and services, and with all of that, the drive to remain forward thinking and a leader in the industry has also grown.

Thanks to our ten years of global industry experience and our partnerships with our customers, we knew that we needed to build something new that would empower the businesses that we work with and facilitate their continued success in the ever-changing supply chain environment. Ultimately, we want our customers to have the visibility and the data they need to thrive.

We listened to our customers pain points and for the past year, we have been working nonstop to digitally transform not only our service offering to our customers but our own internal operations.

This has meant hiring new staff, changing our internal structure, renovating our processes, finding the right partners to support our ambitions, and dedicating resources to creating Horizon.

Horizon is not only going to be our new OS, it is also the driving force of a single platform solution that brings efficiency, intelligence, connectivity and security to our customers supply chains, accessible on any device, anywhere in the world.

Horizon’s wide range of features replaces the plethora of software tools out there in the market with a single, digital ecosystem. It harnesses the latest technologies to gather data from any source and directs it into a community that gives our customers a holistic view of their entire supply chain. Not only that but because of the way Horizon has been developed, with our great partners at Nuerored, the sky is the limit with what we can do for our customers individual needs.

Horizon is going live in January and all of us at DG are incredibly excited to finally see it in action.

We will be posting more information in the coming months as we develop and make updates to the the platform but in the meantime, find out more here or book a demo.