Import & Export Duty & VAT Calculator | Look Up Commodity Codes

25 July 2022
by Liberty Sanders

DG is reengineering our Duty & VAT calculator experience with latest development

Our vision at DG International is to disrupt how companies and business owners calculate their Duty & VAT for imports and exports with a fresh take on our calculator tool, using a simple, intuitive, and innovative redesign of the application.

We wanted to simplify the process for our community of Horizon users with the aim to create a more engaged, involved, and customer-centric experience for everyone. Our Duty & VAT guide is the product of six months of research and months of development to build an application capable of helping users save time and money.

“People’s behaviours have changed throughout Covid-19. We have seen greater demands on the shipping industry across the board, as well as costs rising faster than ever before. So, we thought it’s time that our calculator better reflected the markets’ needs, which is why we are relaunching the tool” says our Digital Experience Manager - Vincent Miles.

“We’ve relaunched our Duty & VAT calculator with the aim to be the simplest way to search HS6/HS10 codes, perform individualised commodity code checks, display Duty & VAT values, freight costs as well as total payables to avoid confusion”.

“There’s no question that the logistics industry has continued to develop its digital offering but still lags behind compared to other technology and service verticals,” says Vincent. “But DG International takes a fresh, new approach by putting the customer experience front and centre by design, and has focused on key features, improving productivity, usability, and providing value to users.”

We believe in taking a bold approach to reimagine the world of logistics and prepare customers for the 21st century. DG International aims to be that bold, global leader with its Horizon platform.

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