Positively paperless

Leah Samy
Head of Business Change

At the start of 2020 we announced our digital transformation, transitioning both our internal processes and our customer’s transactions onto our end-to-end online platform, Horizon. A first for the industry, Horizon allowed our customers to manage all their shipments online, from requesting quotations to tracking cargo and storing invoices.

Not only did this improve transparency and efficiency for us and our customers, but it also meant an end to printing invoices and other documentation for those using Horizon, saving thousands of sheets of paper.

We are now delighted to say that DG International is 100% paper-free.

We have ditched the printer and now run all of our communications online, a time-saving change that has proven necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic, where hundreds of personal protective equipment (PPE) deliveries were being made every day through DG.

At DG, we truly believe that digital is the way forward. Not only is it a positive step for the industry, but along with the many other initiatives being introduced – such as electric cars and sustainable aviation fuels – it is supporting the environmental goals for the future of the industry