PPE supply chain update

We are happy to share that we were able to deliver 10,000 protective goggles for our customer Buy From China NOW, to supply over 80 care homes and doctors surgeries across Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and North Wales. All part of the ILFD Group LTD based in Essex, the successful flight from Shanghai to Heathrow saw the order fulfilled within just 3 days.

George Nesnas, director of the company said, “We got in touch with our friends at DG as we needed a large shipment of PPE to be distributed to care homes and Dr Surgeries across the UK. At this difficult time, we understood that transit times and customs delays may cause issues in supplying these goods efficiently. DG looked after the whole process and turned the shipment around in a matter of days”.

Special thanks to our Global SCM/TMS App Provider Neurored and our Customer Success Platform Provider Salesforce that have helped us in our digital transformation journey.