Q&A with Gary Tervit, ProCarrier MD

Gary Tervit

Managing Director, Pro Carrier

We sat down with Pro Carrier’s newly appointed Managing Director, Gary Tervit, to discuss the growth of the platform, what he and his team are excited to be working on and how the UK logistics industry should tackle the challenges surrounding Brexit.

Tell me about your background prior to Pro Carrier?

I have been in the parcel logistics industry for 30 years now. I started at DHL Express in 1985 and have since worked with various well-known companies such as TNT Express, Royal Mail, Parcelforce and Yodel.

In 2012 I joined international parcel delivery company, P2P, where I became a shareholder. I held the position of International Services Director for five years and was part of the team who managed the sale of the business to FedEx. In August this year I joined Pro Carrier as Managing Director.

You have vast experience in the industry. Please could you share some insight into how parcel logistics has fared during COVID-19? And going forward?

Online retailing has seen a boom during the pandemic, which is not surprising. With consumers unable to shop in person, a new audience has been introduced to buying online. Even prior to COVID-19, international online retail had been growing between 20% and 30% over the past few years, and I believe this trend will continue.

The increase in e-commerce and the urgency of home deliveries brought on by COVID-19 has highlighted that for some customers, the delivery experience has become integral to the product itself. For companies wanting to gain a competitive edge, getting this right is essential. It is a constant battle to keep your proposition fresh.

This is what is exciting about Pro Carrier. We have the technology and the growing resources to offer a more enlightened approach to parcel logistics.

As we go forward, with the added uncertainty of Brexit and new ways of doing things under COVID-19, businesses in the sector need to understand that it is not just about getting a parcel from A to B. It is about how you add value to the whole experience for the end consumer. Questions around the management of returns, cross-border payments, and duty and tax implications are becoming more complex and under Brexit, more important.

You are joining Pro Carrier to head up an expanding team. What are you looking forward to achieving?

In just a short period of time, Pro Carrier has gone from strength to strength and I am excited to be given this opportunity to lead this new team at such a pivotal moment. There is so much more to Pro Carrier than just providing a delivery service; we bring a brighter approach to cross-border logistics. This is something we will be focused on driving home. We want to shine a light and remove the perception that cross-border retail is difficult and complex. Particularly as the UK emerges from Brexit, it will be more important than ever to reduce the mystique and negativities associated with selling outside of our borders.

To achieve this, Pro Carrier has been recruiting and will continue to recruit individuals who bring extensive knowledge and experience in the cross-border environment.

Alongside myself, the new members of the Pro Carrier family are Lianne Robinson, Product Development Manager and Heather Doherty, Delivery Network Manager. Both are bringing varying specialities and levels of expertise to the team.

The people behind Pro Carrier give customers confidence when dealing with cross-border transactions and help make the process smoother. We combine advanced supply chain technology with the human touch, which makes the Pro Carrier approach to the market refreshing and invigorating.

DG International’s partnership with Yodel is a perfect example of this fresh approach. The relationship with Yodel represents an amazing opportunity for both companies.

What new developments or projects are you looking forward to working on?

I think a challenge is always something to look forward to, which is why I am excited about the way we are approaching the business to consumer (B2C) cross-border marketplace.

Pro Carrier offers a wide range of different final mile service providers that suit a range of specific business and customer needs, making a seemingly complicated process reassuringly simple. We will be bringing this, combined with new pre-sort and multiple delivery location options as well as access to multiple import gateways to our partners in the US. Working closely with our delivery partners to identify opportunities to maximise delivery times and to recognize cost efficiencies, Pro Carrier will be able to provide new ways to approach the key markets such as the USA.

As we look towards the challenges of Brexit, we can use this as an example of how at Pro Carrier, we tackle new challenges and markets with a fresh, tailored approach.

In general, the continued digitalisation of supply chain processes is something I am hugely excited about. As we have seen during the coronavirus pandemic, future-proofing any business comes down to how quickly you can adapt and diversify your offering. Working with third-party experts, especially those who can take a business online and provide the necessary resources, facilities and expertise, will enable continued smooth performance.

Where do you see Pro Carrier in the next 10 to 15 years?

Pro Carrier has all the elements to expand globally. The business is already creating a presence in China with Pro Carrier Hong Kong, and through its strategic partnership with Yodel, Pro Carrier is expanding into emerging markets. We are looking forward to moving deeper into Europe over the next few years.

You can connect with Gary on LinkedIn [https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-tervit-36a63216/?originalSubdomain=uk]