Q&A with Suki Kooner, Sales Manager

We sat down with new sales manager Suki Kooner to discuss what she and her team are excited to be working on at DG, and the role of sustainability and digitalisation in the logistics industry.

You are joining DG alongside four other sales professionals. What are you looking forward to achieving as a team?

Alongside myself, the four sales executives also joining the DG family are Harriet Tatler, Danny Head, Kris Bernolak and Anthony Carney, all bringing with them varying specialties and levels of expertise. As a team, we have a combined 30 years’ experience in the industry, with a wealth of knowledge, ready to get to work!

We are all looking forward to supporting the newly formed Yodel partnership. One of my key initiatives is to enhance the parcel service, helping it to become a hugely successful area of the business.

Tell me about your background prior to DG?

I have worked in logistics for more than 20 years. I spent 14 years at FedEx, where I progressed to sales manager. I then worked at Rico Logistics and most recently DHL, where I had been for just under three years.

In that time the industry has changed dramatically and there is now an influx of opportunities for women in managerial roles. As part of my network I get involved with community groups such as Women in Transport and Women in Logistics, sharing experiences and celebrating the achievements that women have made in these industries.

What developments are you excited to see in logistics?

The advancement of IT software and the digitalisation of supply chain processes is something we as a team are hugely excited about. It is also something that is becoming integral for any company serious about future-proofing their business.

However, DG also understands the importance of the human touch, which is unique for our industry. Sales agents are encouraged to have face-to-face interaction with all customers, taking time to understand the customer’s supply chain and incorporate their insights, something that is so important for successful relationships.

DG launched Horizon, its cloud-based digital platform in January. How will that evolve over the next 6-12 months?

Horizon will continuously be improved and perfected over the next few months, as we work with customers to add further in-depth insights and capabilities. Myself and the rest of the sales team will work directly with Horizon using both its internal and external abilities to provide complete transparency to our customers.

What role do you think sustainability plays in both the logistics industry and for a company such as DG?

As the UK domestic market is developing and becoming more competitive, it is creating a surge in companies employing more sustainable ways of running their company’s outputs and activities. The digitalisation of the industry, such as DG’s investment in Horizon, is an integral part of the move to a more environmentally friendly culture and way of working. DG is also investigating changed to its international packing methods and materials to make them more sustainable.

What do you think you and your team can bring to the Yodel partnership?

The new partnership with Yodel was particularly intriguing for me and my new team because of the service it already offered to its customers, and the implementation of this into the framework of DG International. The growth Yodel is experiencing in the UK market with opportunities and internet users was an interesting factor with the focus on international services. My team and I are excited to bring this same level of success, professionalism, and focus on customer support to DG.

You can connect Suki on LinkedIn