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At DG, we are obsessed with service excellence.

We have have invested in our people and technology to nurture a high-performance culture and specialist industry practices.


Helping UK retailers stock their stores.

DG operate with a number of UK retailers. From leading white goods manufacturers to growing footwear brands, if getting to stores on time and on budget is important then we can help.

For a number of years now DG have been securing us space when our own contacted allocation is filled.


Some of the biggest names in the fashion trust DG.

No matter if you’re catering for haute couture clients or off-the-rack shoppers, DG is dedicated to helping all our apparel customers stay ahead of the field with our expertise in demand planning including range availability, optimum inventory levels and shorter cycle times. Outsourcing your fashion logistics needs to DG is an effective way to reduce cost and generate value along the line.

DG have been helping us move our fabric around the globe for the last 8 years – they understand speed and efficiency is key in fashion logistics.


Providing 4PL solutions for Assembly Lines.

We appreciate the complex and time sensitivity involved in this sector and our capabilities help keep production lines running in some of the worlds largest car plants. We provide 4 PL solutions which include off-site assembly.

DG have assisted us in creating efficiencies in speed and cost by offering us a 4 PL solution to one of our fastest growing clients.


Whether for one of the largest furniture retailers in the UK, such as DFS, or for small independent furniture brands offering the very highest of quality products, such as Arighi Bianci, our consistent, sizeable achievement of space means we are first call for a growing number of furniture retailers and wholesalers across the UK.


Providing a full “door to door” e-commerce solution.

Utilising any combination of our overseas consolidation services, competitive air freight rates, LVBI & MVBI clearance options, secure sorting/labelling and dispatch operation supported by ProCarrier our state of the art delivery management software with this is a truly market leading solution with exceptional parcel rates.

Shenzen Consolidation Services

DG have helped us to create visibility and an ability to invoice audit our enormous courier invoices, both of which have enable us to win more business.

TEU moved by sea in 2017

KG moved by air in 2017

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