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Our technology and logistics knowhow enables DG International to empower its customers. From retail fashion to garden furniture and everything in between, we deliver unrivalled data-driven technology solutions and services to save time and money on your freight shipping. No sector is off limits. No shipment too complex.

When you work with DG International we guarantee end-to-end control and visibility over your supply chain whether its ocean-freight, land-freight or air-freight.



Retail & Fashion

At DG International we completely understand the fast paced and complex needs of the retail supply chain. Being our largest vertical, we work with many of today’s major high street and online brands and offer an extensive worldwide network to a large customer base of retail clients. We provide the experience and expertise to deliver cutting edge, retail orientated, freight management solutions. This enables our customers to satisfy what their consumers demand; a supply chain built around them.

DG International’s global reach, operational agility, and a passion for improvement, means we are continually innovating on behalf of our retailer client base. We work diligently to overcome and remove the obstacles associated with freight management, by being solution driven.

This, along with cost reduction programs enabled by major group procurement, means our customers are able to leverage their international supply chain as a competitive advantage

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Home and Furniture

While the retail industry as a whole is our largest market, we have key personnel within our retail team that have accumulated numerous years’ experience and specialise in furniture logistics. We help to manage the supply chain of a number of major brands within this sector, largely moving product from the traditional routes such as Europe, Asia, and the Americas, through to distribution centre, store or home delivery. 

Our distribution centre at Felixstowe means we are ideally placed to provide complete logistics and fulfilment solutions. This, along with international cost reduction programs enabled by major group procurement, means that our customers are able to leverage their international supply chain as a competitive advantage and improve their processes, saving time and money. 

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DG international’s automotive services provide your car production sites with competitive international and domestic vehicle transportation. With this, secure and necessary packing and bracing and registration documentation overview will always be included. We also provide consolidation of parts from multiple suppliers and manage your supply chain orders to ensure your lead times are met. Our leading and necessary industry experience and global coverage mean that we can expedite customs clearance and delivery services to the final manufacturing site, wherever it may be.

We have supported the motor sport industry for many years through our passionate and committed team of racing enthusiasts, so you can be assured that we understand and are used to the demands of this fast paced sector, especially when it comes to immediate needs from a far reaching corner of the world. Our specialist knowledge and group buying power makes us ideally placed to serve the automotive supply chain.


Your international freight forwarding partner

eCommerce is changing and growing every day. As an international freight forwarding partner for many well known ecommerce brands we recognise that deadlines are tight and demand is high. Outlets are expected to meet growing demand with high quality items and low prices in shorter and shorter timeframes than we’ve ever seen before. Our experience in working with leading brands and managing their complex supply chains with a human touch, is what separates us from other freight forwarding businesses. DG International’s expert eCommerce arm, Pro Carrier, specialise in eCommerce movements and cross border and final mile delivery. So you can trust that your eCommerce shipments are being handled with an industry leading standard of quality.

Freight forwarding ecommerce

Technology, IT & Telecommunications

We provide an extensive range of services for our tech customers enabling them to reduce inventories, lower logistics costs and improve the speed to market of their stock, while always ensuring we minimise the risk to product in the supply chain, with improved security and loss prevention methods.

We hold ocean, air, road and rail freight contracts and chartered vessel agreements with major carriers, and our experienced teams work tirelessly, through extended hours, to support and manage major product launches from big name brands.

Utilising technology ourselves, an example being our end-to-end, data driven Horizon solution, we understand that the tech industry is one of the most time sensitive verticals. With this in mind, we ensure our dedicated team are committed to the often urgent needs of our customers, within the consumer electronics, computer & office equipment, electronic components and satellite and telecommunication sectors.


This enormous industry spans across the globe, essential for modern daily life, in our homes or workplaces, even expanding into the cars we drive. With so many forms of energy such as oil and gas, wind, solar, and hydropower etc, comes a huge variety of components that need to be efficiently transported to provide you with the energy that you use to charge your phones or cars, or even boil your kettle. Robust, safe, and reliable logistics solutions are a necessity, which DG International can provide with our technology, people, and processes that help drive your business forward.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Large-scale engineering companies have complex logistical needs, whilst manufacturers’ needs are more focused on optimising the supply chain and enhancing efficiency. Our expertise and growing technology allows us to respond quickly to demand and incorporate your needs into our logistics solutions and services so that they are tailored to your supply chain and your time-frame.

Beauty & Cosmetics

This innovative industry is experiencing fast growth and the goods that it manufactures and ships from skincare and dental hygiene are purchased and used worldwide. Our digital freight forwarding services are built and operated to keep up with innovation and trends so you can be assured your goods will be transported tailored to your needs.

Food & Beverages

We understand the importance of the food and beverage industry’s time-sensitive and efficient supply chain, which needs to work within the expiry dates of produce from fruits to soft drinks. Our range of cost-effective and expert digital freight forwarding services can be utilised by your business to ensure that your produce is transported safely and on your time schedule.

Public Sector

The public sector plays such a vital role not only in our economy, but our day-to-day life. The public sector accounts for all public facilities and utilities from education and workplaces to streetlights, and everything in between. Playing such a huge role requires certain logistical needs and it’s important that as a company we provide you with bespoke freight forwarding services that can keep up with your own requirements.

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