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We’re a global strategic freight forwarder with experience and a can-do attitude. Our global reach, technology and agile business model allows us to respond to changes in demand. We empower our teams and understand the unique needs of the retail and fashion sector unlike no other freight forwarding company.  

What is a retail & fashion freight forwarder responsible for?

Typically, freight forwarders oversee and are responsible for the safe coordination, management and end delivery of retail and fashion freight shipments. Our mission is simple: redefine your experience for what shipping should be in the logistics industry.  

We ensure the items arrive at the end destination in a timely manner in top condition and are ready for resale. Years of experience have taught us that the needs of the fashion industry are diverse and complex but as the industry has evolved, we have grown to understand the very unique needs of the sector. That’s why we’re always out there – talking to, working with, and studying what the latest supply chain management trends. Whether its establishing logistics solutions for export orders or reactive forwarding strategies to meet emergency demands, we are committed to realizing your client requirements. 

Retail & fashion freight forwarder logistics

We have bold ambitions. We aim to be your agile partner responding to changes in market demand. Our objective is to establish a reliable partnership and manage your entire supply chain from shipping to final-mile delivery and other value-added services. We specialise in managing end-to-end freight delivery, distribution, supply chain management and warehousing services for clients’ across destinations including UK, Europe, Asia and Internationally via established trade routes.  

Empowering clients

Horizon is our single platform solution that brings efficiency, intelligence, connectivity and security to your fashion supply chain. Managing multiple shipments can be time consuming and challenging, with quotes, shipment reports, documentation and invoicing all considered to be necessary steps in the process. With Horizon, our specialist all in one digital supply chain solution you are able to generate the insights and data you need to help streamline your process all in one place. 


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