Agile Finance Solutions

An agile finance solution

Unlock working capital from your supply chain and accelerate your business growth.

Through our many years of experience in global supply chain logistics, we developed a unique and flexible Supply Chain Finance solution that can unleash your potential, at a time when nothing of its kind was offered elsewhere.

Acting as your strategic partner, we will calculate the ‘delivered to door’ costs of your goods and assess your entire supply chain. This enables us to develop a DG Finance solution that will improve your working capital management, optimise your financial structures and payment flows and accelerate your business growth.

We do this by taking the weights, dimensions and values of your product lines on a SKU by SKU basis, identifying with you the anticipated inventory turnover, along with final mile delivery requirements. We are then able to calculate the exact cost of each SKU from factory to customer door. You can receive a single invoice for all of these charges as the goods arrive, with extended credit terms or we can even invoice weekly for goods as they have been dispatched.

How it works

Working with just a small deposit (a percentage of the credit line required), we will finance the purchase of stock, shipping, storage, fulfilment and final mile delivery to provide a full end to end solution, enabling you to concentrate on your area of specialisation and creating a central point of contact for the entire logistical needs of your business. We can even offer fixed term pricing for 3, 6 or 12 months further protecting you from currency fluctuations, moving shipping costs and increased courier charges.

A digital approach

Through our single-platform global logistics technology, Horizon, we utilise data transparency to agilely manage the variable costs that impact a growing business, such as rate of exchange fluctuations and shipping rates, so that you can enjoy a stable margin and the free liquidity to focus on sustainable business growth.


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