The Coronavirus outbreak

Millions of people in China were due to be on the move at the end of January, heading home for the Chinese New Year (CNY)l.

Many of the festivities were cancelled, however, due to a viral outbreak now known as The Choronavirus, which started in the city of Wuhan and has since spread to several provinces with a few cases appearing in other countries.

Wuhan, although not a tourist destination, is a hub for domestic travel, with major rail connections and an international airport. With an estimated population of 11 mil, the city is roughly the size of London and is a crowded metropolis.

Due to its quarantine lock down, along with 13 other cities, millions are left unable to travel and many don’t want to for fear of contracting the virus.

We can confirm that businesses have been told by the Chinese Government to extend their CNY holiday to 3rd February, while Shanghai and Suzhou, some of the biggest industrial cities in China, will not be returning to work until February 10th.

As such, February export volumes will be effected and we recommend you get in touch with your DG account manager as soon as possible to discuss potential risks to your supply chain.