About Us

DG was established in 2009 to provide high levels of customer service to a range of clients importing into the UK from Asia via sea and air.


The company has grown rapidly since then and now offers a range of logistics services across diverse industry sectors.

DG’s growth has been underpinned by a commitment to a set of shared values that creates a high-performance culture. We have employed self-motivated people who are empowered to make decisions to accelerate our growth.

Our competitive pricing, customer service obsession and a global network of highly respected and experienced partners allow us to consistently deliver cost-effective, efficient solutions that exceed expectations and add value to any supply chain.

Leadership team

Ryan Lucas

Chief Executive Officer

James Appleby

Group Managing Director

Ian Dennis

Finance Director

Paul Westron

Head of UK Operations

Leah Samy

Head of IT and Business Change

Louise Dight

Head of HR

Michael Stimpson

Head of Marketing

Dave Dartnell

Head of Warehousing Operations

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