Streamline Workflows with Powerful Search

Horizon’s powerful search functionality gives you the ability to find any document in seconds.

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Every Document is Just a Search Away

Horizon is a wealth of data and documents. But sometimes you need one specific form or file. Luckily the platform’s search functionality makes finding it a breeze. Either use the Shipping Reports dashboard to find the related shipment or use the dedicated search portal to find what you’re looking for in seconds.

Our powerful search lets you find anything in an instant

Watch the video
Watch the video

Find Anything in an Instant

Searching in Horizon is easy. Using the search widget in the bar or the advanced search feature, you can instantly find documents and data related to any shipment using key work denominations.

Download Files in Bulk

You don’t have to scroll through every shipment if you want to download your last dozen sales invoices. Instead, use Horizon’s search functionality to look up every sales invoice from a given period and use the bulk download feature to download every document at once.

Everything Stored Securely and Indefinitely

You will never have to worry about your data getting removed from Horizon. Every document and data point is stored within the platform indefinitely. You don’t have to worry about your privacy being invaded, either. Horizon uses some of the strongest security protocols, including SSL encryption, data encryption and server authentication.

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