Accurately Forecast and Optimise Costs

Horizon’s built-in Duty + VAT calculator provides real-time tax and customs data, so you can accurately predict the costs of every shipment.

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Get a 360-Degree View of Your Shipping Costs

Understand precisely how much each container will cost before you send it. By entering a product’s HS code, value and shipping costs, Horizon’s built-in VAT + Duty Calculator will show your final tax bill. But that’s just a fraction of what you can achieve with this calculator:

  • Change HS codes to see the impact on costs
  • Receive automated alerts when you’re using the wrong code
  • Build a repository of orders and costs
  • Get up-to-the-minute data from HMRC and other trusted sources

Access to Real-Time Tax and Customs Data

Watch the video
Watch the video

Minimise Disruptions with HS Code Checks

With Horizon’s Duty + VAT Calculator, you never have to worry about an incorrect HS code impeding the movement of your goods through customs again. Quickly find the correct HS code for your goods, compare Duty & VAT costs across a range of HS codes, and get automatic recommendations for more relevant HS codes.

If that wasn’t enough, our internal customs clearance team uses Horizon data to double-check your shipments and make sure the correct codes are applied every time.

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Build Your Own Duty Database

Do you regularly import or export the same goods? Rather than run a new search every time you place an order, save time by creating an online repository of SKUs inside the Duty + VAT Calculator. It’s easy to add, remove and update the value of each SKU, and Horizon will automatically update calculations if taxes and customs change.

​Always Accurate With Real-Time Data

Horizon’s Duty + VAT Calculator is powered by Hurricane, the leading eCommerce and cross-border data source. Hurricane draws data from every global trade agreement and updates in real time, so you can rest easy knowing you’re always using the most recent duty and VAT rates in your calculations.

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