Flexible Haulage Booking

Improve supply chain flexibility with Horizon’s haulage booking system. Plan ahead, track shipments and manage everything with a few clicks.

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Take Control of Your Haulage with Horizon

Horizon is the perfect platform for anyone who wants to take charge of their own haulage. Use shipping reports to keep track of the movement of your goods, and then use the platform to book your own haulage when the time is right. It’s fast, easy, and efficient.

Book and manage your shipments with our haulage Calendar

Watch the video
Watch the video

Increase your Haulage Visibility

Multiple shipments? No problem. Horizon makes it easy to keep track of everything with a handy haulage calculator. Month-by-month views and colour-coded entries make it easy to see where your shipments are and what you need to do.

Remove Uncertanity with Control Tower

Use Horizon’s Control Tower to keep track of everything. The built-in global map shows exactly where your shipment is and gives you relevant data at your fingertips. So you know exactly when to expect your goods.

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