Coronavirus update

Earlier this week we posted an update about the Cornavirus and the possible impacts on your supply chain. Read that update here.

We now know that the World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus a global health emergency and at the time of writing there are over 20,000 confirmed cases in China and 200 cases confirmed outside of China.

All cross-border trucking services are temporarily suspended in Hong Kong.

We have had confirmation from our colleagues on which cities and associated ports (POLs) are affected by the extended Chinese New Year holiday to 10 Feb:

Shanghai POL: Shanghai

Jiangsu Main POLs: Nanjing, Lianyungang, Taicang, Nantong, Yangzhou, Changshu

Zhejiang POL: Ningbo

Fujian Main POLs: Xiamen, Fuzhou

Guangdong Main POLs: Yantian/Shekou/Dachan Bay, Nansha, Shantou, Huangpu, etc

These cities and ports make up 80% of China’s export resources, so we can confirm that February export volumes will experience a significant decrease. We recommend you get in touch with your DG account manager as soon as possible to discuss potential risks to your supply chain.

We have also received further confirmation of effected factories, vessels, carriers and air operations.


Tianjin area: Most factories will reopen 10 February, while others will reopen 17 February.

Qingdao area: Factories will resume work on 10 February.

Shanghai area: Factories will resume work on 10 February.

Ningbo area: Factories will resume work on 10 February. Most main roads are closed.

Xiamen area: Factories will resume work on 10 February.

Yantian area: Factories will resume work on 10 February.

Bookings made on ETD between 01 Feb to 15 Feb will be cancelled due to road closures and lack of staff.


Load/ discharge moves at Wuhan port are suspended until further notice. The following blank sailings have been confirmed for February:


FEW1 and FEW2
Sailings between China and West Africa starting Westbound Shanghai on 20 Feb and 13 Feb.

FI3 and FI2
Sailings between China and India/Pakistan starting Westbound Dalian and Shanghai on 8 Feb and 11 Feb.


Sailing between Far East Asia and Mozambique and Indian Ocean islands starting Westbound Singapore on 23 Feb.


From China main ports to Felixstowe (normally there are two sailings to Felixstowe a week by OA Alliance):

AEU1 (string week 6)
Shanghai 03 Feb, Ningbo 05 Feb, Xiamen 08 Feb, Yantian 10 Feb. The backup for this blank sailing will be AEU5 service the same week.

AEU5 (string week 7)
Shanghai 10 Feb, Ningbo 12 Feb, Xiamen 15 Feb, Yantian 17 Feb. The backup for this blank sailing will be AEU1 service the same week.

AEU5 (string week 8)
Shanghai 17 Feb, Ningbo 19 Feb, Xiamen 22 Feb, Yantian 24 Feb.The backup for this blank sailing will be AEU1 service the same week.

From China main ports to Southampton (there is only one sailing to Southampton a week by OA Alliance):

AEU2 (string week 7)
Xingang 14 Feb, Qingdao 16 Feb, Shanghai 19 Feb, Ningbo 21 Feb, Xiamen 24 Feb, Yantian 26 Feb. The are no backups to Southampton this week.

THE Alliance (HPL, YML, ONE, HMM)

One bank sailing to Southampton is omitted at Week 8

FE2 (string week 8)
Qingdao 15 Feb, Shanghai 19 Feb, Yantian 26 Feb.


All carriers will return to work at the earliest, 10 Feb. Some carriers will arrange staff to work from home for urgent issues.


British Airways

BA have announced that all flights to and from China will be suspended until March and Virgin Atlantic Cargo have suspended daily operations to Shanghai until 14 February.

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon

Passenger flights are cancelled and flights between Hong Kong and mainland China will be reduced by approx 50% until the end of March. Even so, their freight services will continue as scheduled.

American Airlines

All operations (cargo and passenger) to and from mainland China are suspended until 27 March.

Air France

Direct flights to/from Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai are suspended while KLM suspended all flights to/from China until 9 February

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