DG Update: Repaying government furlough

Ryan Lucas

Since April, trade has been extremely encouraging for DG International Group. We have seen a rewarding period for the business for many different reasons, including assisting core NHS suppliers with their efforts in getting much needed PPE to frontline workers. This is now an ongoing part of our daily service offering and is a great source of pride for us. 

In light of this and with a desire to continue supporting the government’s efforts in tackling the effects of Covid-19, the board of directors have voted unanimously to repay the money the business received from the UK government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (Furlough) in full.

This scheme played a vital role in supporting DG International at the start of the Covid-19 crisis.

DG employs over 100 members of staff across 4 different sites in the UK, a large portion of which that were placed on furlough at various times for varied duration’s.

As of the end of May 2020, 8.7 million employments have been supported through the scheme with claims totalling £17.5 billion.

During the early stages of the pandemic, we quickly identified the need for the efficient transportation of vast quantities of PPE combined with accurate reporting and analytic capabilities (delivered in real-time). We were able to utilise our time served experience in this area along with the added power of our new digital platform, Horizon, to create a solution for several new and existing customers. 

This approach maximised our efficiencies with tangible results for us and our clients and ultimately meant vital equipment reached the frontline in a shorter time frame. 

We know that this is still a challenging period for many businesses, individuals and governments across the globe. Taking the monies that helped keep DG on course when we needed it and returning it to the public coffers so it may support others who now need that support, is very much in line with our core values and something that gives us enormous pleasure.

If you would like to learn more about our leading digital platform and the advantages it can bring to your supply chain, or you simply have values similar to our own and wish to work with like-minded people, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!