Horizon Community Update

Horizon Community Update

It was highlighted to us that the generation of order reference numbers and shipment reference numbers caused confusion amongst our community members.

We strive to provide an excellent customer experience, so we have listened to that feedback and as part of our continuous improvement program with Horizon, we have changed how the generation and visibility of shipment numbers and records, are presented within the platform.

These changes will be visible within your Horizon Community effective Thursday 16th September 2021.

We are confident that this change will remove the confusion, give you greater visibility and save you time.

What has changed?

Shipment Reference

To ensure continuity in Horizon we are updating your current “shipment numbers”.

The existing two shipment reference numbers will be updated and replaced with “one” single number.

Currently your shipment numbers are based on: Order Number (DG) and Shipment Number (SP).


The Updated Shipment Reference

Your current references will be updated and changed to present one single shipment number prefixed DG.

The updated DG reference number will now be in displayed throughout the lifecycle of the shipment.

The reference number will also be shown across your community and featured in the tabs below:

  • Control Tower
  • Haulage Calendar
  • Analytics
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Invoices
  • Statement

Community Tabs Display

To reflect the new DG reference, we will be removing the current “Orders and Shipment” tabs from your Horizon community and replacing it with one single “Shipments” tab.

The Refreshed Community Tabs Display

The new shipments tab will give you complete visibility of your pending shipments at origin, shipments in transit as well as real-time status and ETA updates.


DG understands the value that Horizon brings to our customers. This latest development represents a continuation in the organisations strategy to drive digital transformation that ultimately allows us to help service the shipping aspects of your business.

The changes will be visible in your Horizon Community on Thursday 16th September 2021.

Happy to Help

We understand that you may have questions regarding this update.

Please feel free to contact myself on vincent.miles@wearedg.com or 01277 321968 for any questions or support.