A single platform solution that brings efficiency, intelligence, connectivity and security to your supply chain.

With eleven years global industry experience, we know what our customers need from a digital supply chain solution. Horizon’s wide range of features replaces the plethora of software tools in the market with a single, digital ecosystem. It harnesses the latest technologies to gather data from any source and directs it into your community.

Efficient, intelligent, connected and secure

Quoting & Booking

Get instant rates and book your shipments anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Document Management

Have access to all of your invoices and statements and upload transport documentation directly to your shipments.


Invite your suppliers to collaborate with you in your community and have access to your own support team.

Control Tower

Enjoy the convenience of real-time global tracking that covers all modes of transport at multiple levels (Pallet, Container, Vehicle/ Vessel and more).

Analytics & Reporting

Use cloud-based, advanced analytics with real-time reporting, artificial intelligence and data visualisation.

Visibility and data

You can log in to your Horizon community on any device anywhere in the world and compare, schedule, and book your shipments. You can gain valuable insights through dynamic reports and supply chain analytics and track your shipments across the globe using Control Tower, in real-time.

Horizon streamlines processes, reduces margins of error, and gives you the high value data and visibility you need to make powerful, cost saving decisions. Enjoy improved margins, world-class security and operational excellence.

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